Czech Casting – Kristyna (24yo) – 2516

So this is Kristýna, a 24 years old brunette from Neratovice. What do you think? A juicy girl and a likeable companion. She lives alone and works as a nurse at an ICU. It‘s clear that she has to look for some other source of income… it’s common knowledge that the money in the healthcare system flows into the pockets of all the wrong people, certainly not to the hardworking medical stuff. That’s why Kristyna decided to brave The White Couch. The interview and the photo-shoot both went well. Although it was apparent that she has no experience with this kind of work whatsoever, she’s so cute that she managed to compensate for her lack of skill with looks alone. Our cameraman was really nervous. Could it really be that this gorgeous pussy could escape his sharp spear? To fuck or not to fuck, that was the question… Download and see for yourselves.

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