FAKings – Silvia Soprano’s first DP

Silvia Soprano’s first DP. 2 Experienced cocks for the Kinkiest Italian babe in porn’s (Forgive us, Cicciolina) new challenge
Let the first word you read from FAKings this new year be: IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN!!! When we find, in front of us, Silvia Soprano’s exaggerated kink, what you are going to see here is something that was already due. Why are we so sure? Well you tell us: When we’ve seen her hunting rookies in the middle of the street without a hint of shame. When we’ve seen her being anally drilled by a black horsedick without any doubts… What was coming today had to happen. You’ve already read it in the title, so we can’t hide it any longer: TODAY SILVIA WILL ENJOY HER FIRST DOUBLE PENETRATION! When she asked us for it (‘Demanded’ would be the correct term), we were away, ready to meet her. She welcomed us wearing no painties and with her legs spread in the train station. Things were promising, but we had to test her a little longer, and we proposed her about doing an exhibition of her body around the street, a challenge that she promptly accomplished. The next step? Eating a cock in public, another challenge she quickly accomplished. We were running out of challenges, so we took her to our place, where as son as she sat down she was already playing with the cocks of lucky Bangkok and Jason. She couldn’t wait any longer! An honestly, we neither. So we leave them play and we couldn’t be happier with the final result. It looks like Silvia was born to do this! And frankly, we could bet she was 😉


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